Washing Machine Repair

Have you ever been in a situation wherein your appliance suddenly stops working while you are using it? Are you drained and worn out of all the residential appliance repair service providers which handled your appliance repairs in the past? Once you experience these scenarios, worry less as YEG Appliances has skilled technicians in their team to provide to your home appliance issues.

Professional Washing Machine Repair Company in Edmonton Area

Finding your washer not working means you need to quickly think of the best alternative which probably is not appealing to you. Like taking your clothes or garments out to get them laundered. That is a serious waste of money and time that you supposed to spend with family or other essential chores. Call us, and we will professionally handle this problem so fast that you’ll not feel there even was an issue.

YEG Appliance provides professional and reliable washing machine repair in Edmonton area. We know how essential it is to have a properly working washer, most essentially if you have children as the pile of dirty clothes can become a ton in a couple of days. We have a massive stock of washing machine parts that allows our technicians to finish most of their washer repair on the first visit. Our washing machine repair services also come with a generous warranty.

In one week, an average family with six members can wash eight loads of laundry; therefore if you need washer repair service in Edmonton, you can depend on YEG Appliances. If your washer begins to leak, there is a strange noise when using, not spinning correctly, would not drain, does not fill correctly or stops working, sooner or later you’ll be buried under piles of filthy laundry if you fail to find a washer technician fast.

We at YEG Appliance know the pain you can have when your washing machine stops working. This is why we provide a fast and the same day washing repair throughout the Edmonton area. At YEG Appliance, our technicians are dedicated and reliable. Their objective is to repair your home appliance quickly and proficiently and have them working smoothly as it should. Our technicians have many years of experience in fixing malfunctioning appliances most especially the washing machine.

Are You Desperate and Need Fast Repair Service? Call Us

More often than not, we will be the one to visit your place to fix your washing machine within 24 hours of receiving your call. You will never need to wait long to get your unit fixed! That is our guaranteed!

YEG Appliance is currently providing repair, installation and maintenance services for most of the major brands of washing machines like GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, MayTag, LG, and many others. From repairing the seepage in your washing machine, retrofitting the old one to make it compliant to Energy Star, to replacing the parts and fixing the draining system, YEG Appliances has the best tools, knowledge and years of experience to bring back the pre-damaged condition of your washing machine. All these are done by our highly-skilled and certified technicians who have skills on the popular brands of a washing machine. Our many years of experience in the repair business is a glaring evidence that we stand out from the rest in what we do. Be it a minor repair or a comprehensive overhaul of your washing machine; YEG Appliances is the company to reckon with for reasonable but high-quality washing machine repair in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

When You Need a Repair Company?

A lot of homeowners in Edmonton are not aware of when to call a repair service provider. If your washing machine is experiencing these signs, you need to act immediately.

  • Your washer has a leak
  • It is making an annoying sound or noise than usual
  • It is not spinning as it should
  • The water is not draining out
  • The keys are not responding when you press
  • Your washing machine stops working
  • Professional Washing Machine Repair Edmonton You Can Depend On

Our washing machine repair services take account of:

  • Front load
  • Stackable washer and dryer
  • Top Load

It does not matter how old your unit is, our technicians can fix that. They are familiar with both old and modern style of washing machine. We offer a warranty on our services. This assures you that you are dealing with a reliable company.

Same Day Washing Machine Repair Service

Here at YEG Appliances, we provide in-home and the same day washing machine repair services. Our professional techs are well-trained to give prompt diagnosis and repairs on leading brands of washer today.

We are proudly serving the entire Edmonton and nearby areas.  You can visit our website if you want to know more about our services, or contact us for your immediate issues. We are more than willing to be at your service!

We will work closely with you to set up a washing machine repair service call for a time which is convenient for you.  We know that you are a busy person, so we will be the one to adjust.  After all, customer satisfaction and convenience is our main priority.

When you are scheduling an Edmonton washing machine service call, our staff will always seek to accommodate your hectic lifestyle. For a washer repair appointment in Edmonton, please feel free to contact us at 780-937-8386

We Are Your One Stop Home Appliance Repair Company in Edmonton

We at YEG Appliances know that if your residential appliances break or stop working, you want reliable and fast service. We provide a quick or the same day repair service. Our team is always available to fix your washer or any home appliances on our first visit. Our technicians are armed with the massive stock of parts from the major brands. Reliable appliance repair in Edmonton is our slogan, and we stand behind our service and provide a generous warranty on our labor.

Call our customer hotline number at 780-937-8386 to let us know how we can help you!

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