Residential Appliance Repair and Service

Your appliances are essential for a more convenient, clean, comfortable and safe home living. However, when your appliances start to malfunction, you can suffer from worry and inconvenience which is quite stressful. Fortunately, you must not be discouraged since we are here to rescue you from this negative feeling.

YEG Appliances is a company in Edmonton that can offer you with complete residential appliance repairs and services. Our dedicated team will go to your place to inspect and repair your damaged appliances. Our superior quality services will help you to expand the best performance of your different appliances.

What makes us unique?

Refrigerator repair 

We will help to keep your groceries and favorite foods to stay fresh. We have a team that is expert in fixing freezer and refrigerator issues. We care for your family’s health and safety, so we promise that we will bring back the best efficiency of your refrigerator to enjoy fresh and healthy foods.

We can offer the same day repair to help you with your refrigerator needs. A damaged refrigerator can cost your money because you have to throw away foods that are not fresh anymore. Well, you must contact us immediately to give you the best solution to maintain the freshness of your foods.

Our team of technicians can solve different problems with your ice maker, freezer or refrigerator. As a versatile company, we can offer you various repairs for your system including built-in refrigerators, vertical freezers, chest freezers, top freezer refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, French door refrigerators, and side by side freezers/refrigerators.

Stoves/ Ranges Repair

Cooking healthy foods for your family is one of the most satisfying things to do when you are at home. Meanwhile, it can be stressful when your stove is not functioning properly. If you want to cook reliably and safely, you can choose our dependable stove/ranges repair.

With our appliance repair service, you can save the lasting performance of your oven, range, and stove. With this, you can enjoy more on providing your family with delicious and tasty foods. We guarantee you that you can receive a professional, effective and prompt service from us.

Damaged stoves and ranges can be dangerous for your health and property. It can cause gas leaks and other risky situations. If you are worried about these problems, we are here to rescue you. Your home is a special place to relax and enjoy. It must not be a danger zone, so we are here to make it a safe and comfortable place for you.

We offer a wide range of services to help you enjoy fresh and delicious foods. Our services include dual fuel ranges, range hoods, electric cooktops, grills and ranges, gas grills, cooktops, and ranges, as well as wall ovens. We can handle all types of stove, range or oven problems, so you can sit and relax while we are performing the repair procedure. We will not leave you until we finish the work perfectly.

Disposal repair

Maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of your home is important for a healthy, happy and comfortable home lifestyle. Garbage disposal or trash compactor can help you clean your house. It saves your time and energy to keep the cleanliness of your place. When it starts to malfunction, your home can be a total mess which is stressful. With this, you must contact us immediately. With our service, you can have a neat and organized home despite your busy schedule. When you don’t have time to clean your home, we promise to bring back the best performance of your trash compactor or garbage disposal to do the cleaning job for you.

YEG Appliances can help to solve different garbage disposal problems such as the following:

  • The trash compactor won’t close or open
  • The trash compactor or garbage disposal won’t turn on
  • The garbage disposal is clogging or backing up
  • The motor is whining, but the appliance isn’t actually functioning

Our disposal repair will help to maintain your area to be fresh and clean. With this, you can enjoy a healthy and safe home living.

Why choose our residential appliance repairs and services?

  • Timely service

Everyone has different clocks. So, we promise to deliver you the highest quality service promptly. Our timely delivery is part of our professional services. We don’t want to dishearten you with delay services because it is also a disappointment in our part.

With us, you are free to set the schedule of our work. We can deliver our appliance repair services on the time that you have required to us. Aside from our timely service, you can also smile about our consistent customer support.

  • Consistent customer service

Aside from offering you premium quality appliance repair service, you can also receive a satisfying customer support from our friendly team. Our quality customer service is a source of our confidence and pride. We promise that we will treat you and your appliances with great respect. Our expert team will thoroughly work every step of the process to bring you more customized results that suit your requirements. We want to build a good relationship with you because every client is like family to us.

  • Affordable pricing

Here at YEG Appliances, you can get a perfect appliance repair service without spending more of your hard-earned money. With us, you can enjoy more savings because quality service is not expensive for us. With us, you can spend your money on more important things. Thus, you don’t need to buy a replacement for your damaged appliance. A damage appliance doesn’t immediately require a replacement. All you need to do is to contact us quickly.

YEG Appliances can offer you urgent solutions to make the most of your appliances. As a responsible and dependable appliance repair company, we can fix various appliances from different brands. The size of your repair project doesn’t matter to us. What’s matter the most to us is the quality of service that you can get from us. We only use the best strategies to prove that we can be your perfect partner for your appliance repair needs.

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