Refrigerator Repair Service

Most homeowners use refrigerators that help them to prolong the freshness of foods. It’s possible due to the insulated compartments of the refrigerator.  So, refrigerators are beneficial to your family’s health and comfort. Without a refrigerator, it would be a hassle in keeping your foods fresh. But, what if your refrigerator suddenly breaks down?

When this happens, it’s best to call refrigerator repair experts.  Call YEG Appliances at 780-937-8386 for a quality and affordable refrigerator repair service. Edmonton residents and other residents from another place would gain satisfaction in choosing the YEG Appliances brand.

The brand is ready to offer reliable and trusted service to its clients. Customers would gain satisfaction due to the excellent repair of the company. There’s more in store for clients, and what happens when you call the expert team from YEG Appliances.

Reliable Refrigerator Repairs 

The appliance repair team can handle any task offered to them. We assure that you would be comfortable in each of the services we do. The appliance experts can apply any refrigerators you have at home.  We assure that excellent result is open for clients, and they would love the result of each service.

Here are the types of refrigerators the appliance repair team can handle and repair:

  • Compact refrigerators
  • Freezerless refrigerators
  • Side by side refrigerators
  • French refrigerators
  • Counter refrigerators

The expert appliance repair team is ready to provide you with the best service you need. They follow guidelines to make the repair process easy and accurate. Customers like fast and efficient service that enables them to use their appliance easily.  YEG Appliance offers them services they can trust due to the systematic repair process they follow.

Refrigerator Parts Replacement

Some refrigerators require replacement of some of its parts for it to work well. Excellent refrigerator repair also requires part replacement if the appliance requires it. If that’s the case, the appliance repair team is ready to assess the repair and replace the parts. YEG Appliances assures that the replacement process would be fast and effective.

We have quality spare parts that suit any brand of appliance you have. Each part is original, so you have assurance your refrigerator is safe from any damage.

Here are a few examples of refrigerator parts we replace:

  • Ice maker parts
  • Replacement bulbs
  • Water filters
  • Thermostats
  • Cold controls
  • Defrost heaters
  • Compressors and condensers
  • Valves
  • Fans

Aside from these parts, appliance repair experts replace bins, drawers, and shelves if these parts require replacement. It suits your preference if you want to have successful repair of your refrigerator. Our appliance team is willing to serve you with excellence to win your trust. The appliance repair experts also check if the refrigerator has other problems that need to be repaired. In this way, we assure you gain an excellent service you deserve to have.

Systematic Refrigerator Repair Process

Refrigerator repairs wouldn’t be successful without systematic repair process. It’s essential for the repair to be fast and efficient.  So, we offer you a systematic process such as the following:

  • Refrigerator Inspection

Our team aims the work to be successful. Thus, they do an accurate inspection before the work starts. We make sure the inspection process is detailed for us to determine the problem. We carefully observe inspection to provide you a good result.

Also during the inspection, we make estimates that assure the success of the service. We value our customer’s needs, so we do the best for them.

  • Problem Diagnosis

After the inspection, we’re able to know the cause of your appliance malfunction.  We come up with effective ways to repair the fridge. A few of the great solutions we provide is using the quality repair tools. We carefully use the tools to ensure precise repair of the appliance. As we do this, we proceed to the next step.

  • Refrigerator Repair Technique Application

We always accept any challenge you have for us whether it’s simple or complicated. We use effective and reliable techniques that apply to any refrigerator brand or model. We’re happy to serve you using these techniques. Feel free to call us at 780-937-8386 and see the effectiveness of the services we have for you.

  • Efficient Clean-up

Our experts don’t leave a mess in your home, so we do an effective clean-up after the service is complete. Our team assures that no trace of the repair process is visible. We guarantee the excellence of each service through the clean-up process. It gives you satisfaction in the services that we offer you.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

We treat our clients as a family, so we offer them tips in maintaining the condition of their fridge. Feel free to ask our team, and we’re ready to share your exciting tips. For us, satisfaction is deserved by all clients, and we give it to them. Our team is ready to serve in the best way can, and we prove it.

After the service, we check your appliance to check if it’s the right condition. We offer you advice to prolong the excellent condition of the appliance. In this way, we assure you that you would gain a comfortable lifestyle in using the appliance.

No Hidden Payments

Excellence and quality are the focus of our services. During the inspection, we do honest estimates that ensure success is present. We also tell you about the labor cost of the services we do. We would be happy to see the satisfaction on your face. Talk to us and experience satisfaction from the difference we offer. We do our best to meet deadlines at all times so call us!

Service Guarantee

We aim to achieve excellence in each of the services we do. We guarantee success is for all clients always. We welcome clients to have our services, and you feel satisfaction from it. Our experts assure you your refrigerator would be repaired at once.

Come and call us now! We’re happy and proud to serve you the best way we can offer. Yo dial our hotline number 780-937-8386 and have the excellent service we offer you!

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