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We are your reliable laundry appliance repair and service in Edmonton!

Technology has evolved over the course of time to give us efficient and easy ways of cleaning clothes. What originally began with washing laundry by hand developed into steam-driven machines and now is the digital and electronic laundry appliances found in almost every Edmonton home.

Laundry appliances are totally automated to the extent that we can no longer take any credit for doing the washing. These appliances do the entire job, and we depend a great deal on their steady and constant performance. Because we trust and rely so much on our laundry appliances to get the washing and drying job done fast, once they break or stop working it causes a major shutdown of our usual procedure and processes, most essentially if you have a work and kids.

It is very much important to have a dependable professional on the job when possible. YEG Appliances employs skilled technicians who can give you with responsible and reliable laundry appliance service and repair, getting your unit back into its working condition quickly and professionally.

Our repair service is reasonable, but we never compromise the quality. We provide warranty on labor and parts for laundry appliance repair. Call us today 780-937-8386 and see what we can do for you!

We Make Sure Your Clothes Stay Clean and Fresh

Having a laundry area which is stock with all the needed appliances can be a remarkable convenience for homeowners. While most of you get to take pleasure in these modern tools, not all know how to make sure their laundry appliances are working in top shape as well as giving practical results all year round. We have been helping lots of Edmonton residents keep their washer and dryer performing efficiently for many years now.  Our technicians know how to assess concerns or issues and give viable solutions swiftly.

Taking Care of Laundry Appliances Regardless of Brands and Sizes

Our professional team of technicians knows how vital it is to ensure your laundry appliances are running efficiently and smoothly at all times. Issues with washer and dryer can cost you a considerable amount of money and time, adding more pressure and stress to all that you already have to accomplish.

Turn to YEG Appliances for service or repairs for:

Washer or Washing Machine: This appliance is vital in the modern family. It doesn’t matter if you have a front loading or top loading washing machine; the most common problems you may experience over the existence of your washer include loss of agitation and leaks. Our technicians are skilled in determining the source of leaks.

Dryers: Even if dryers are considered one of the most convenient home appliances, they can consume much energy and cause hazardous fires if not maintained properly. Keep your laundry in motion and avoid cycles which are too cold or too hot with our professional dryer repair service.

Dryer Vents: Cleaning the dry vent is the easiest way to avoid household fires. Once you notice a slow drying time or there is a sudden increase in your monthly energy bills, a dryer cleaning is a good place to start to avoid these things from happening. You have to include dryer vent cleaning in your annual maintenance to keep your home safe from fire.

We Are Your Laundry Appliance Repair Specialists in Edmonton

Laundry appliances are the workhorse of any home. Fill, tumble, drain and spin day after day. Homeowners rely heavily on these home appliances. Before, washers were a relatively simple appliance. Today, there is a significant development in this household appliance.  With rules on electricity and water usage, a lot of companies have had to be creative using utilizing sensors and computer boards to know the water temperature as well as the load size.

Our laundry appliance repair technicians are well-trained on the newest and advanced technologies in washer and dryer. We track parts to use and keep up with business trends. Our professional repair professionals pride themselves in being capable of diagnosing and repairing laundry appliances on their first visit. We provide expert repair on GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Maytag, LG, Samsung and most other brands of laundry appliances.

If you have out of order laundry appliances, contact us for an affordable and fast laundry appliance service and repairs!

YEG Appliance will visit your home to fix your broken laundry appliances. We will be at your property shortly after your call. So, you can expect for a fast and same day repair service. We do this to eliminate the stress you are suffering.

Our professional team at YEG Appliances takes great pride in their business and customer satisfaction is our primary concern. After years of experience in the home appliance repair business, we have learned how to make our clients satisfied and happy. We treat our clients how we would want to be addressed. We handle your appliances the way we handle ours.  So, rest easy that your laundry appliance is in knowledgeable and caring hand.

If your laundry appliances are giving you so much stress and trouble these past few days, give YEG Appliance a call now. We are always available to take your calls and at the same time to answer all your queries regarding this service. Our customer hotline number is always open.

Professional and Experienced Laundry Appliance Repair in Edmonton

When you are living in Edmonton or any of the surrounding areas,  trust your laundry appliance service, and repair needs to the skilled and experienced repair experts at YEG Appliances. We offer high-quality repair service, accurate installation as well as an overall pleasant and pleasurable experience for our clients. YEG Appliances employs technicians that are skilled in various aspect of home appliance repair, replacement as well as maintenance.

When you want an accurate and reliable laundry appliance repair specialist in Edmonton, YEG Appliances is here always ready to serve you. We received lots of positive reviews from our previous clients. Call our customer hotline number 780-937-8386 now to know how we can help you!

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