Ice Machine Repair

Your ice machine maker provides you and your loved ones the refreshing and soothing indulgence of ice cold beverages. It does the job for you be keeping a large store of ice cubes at the ready. If you’re having an issue with your ice machine maker, whether it has stopped functioning or it not performing the way it used to be, you can depend on YEG Appliances to give the best residential ice machine maker repair service.

We provide flat rate pricing for our ice machine repair service. So, meaning you only pay for the job and not by the hour. Even when the repair service takes longer than anticipated, you’ll never be charged an overtime fee. We offer a price estimate up front, before the repair service starts so you will not be stuck with hidden charges.

Contact YEG Appliances at 780-937-8386 today to schedule an ice machine maker repair service!

Repair Service for All Kinds of Ice Machines

We at YEG Appliances can repair any type of ice machine makers, which takes account of:

Full Cube Ice Maker: Popularly known as full dice ice, this kind of ice machine looks like a 7/8-inch cube. It slowly melts because of its big surface area, keeping drink cooler for a long span of time. A full cube ice maker comes in under counter; stand alone, as well as an ice machine-bin combo unit.

  • Half-Cube

Popularly known as a half-dice cube, this measures 3/8 by 7/8 by 7/8 inch and is extensively used. This can pack firmly into a glass and displace more water, increasing gains. Like the previous ice maker, this type of ice machine comes in stand-alone, ice machine bin as well as under counter units.

  • Nugget Ice Maker Machine

A nugget shaped ice works very well for soft drinks, blended cocktails, healthcare settings as well as smoothies. This ice machine is available as under the counter, stand-alone, bin-combo as well as dispenser unit, YEG Appliances technicians are accustomed to fixing any kinds of ice machine.

  • Flake Ice Machine

Small chips of flaked ice are perfect for salad bars, blended cocktails, meat, produce and seafood displays and even ice wraps for healing uses. Flake ice machine comes in under-counter, bin combo, dispenser as well as standalone units. If your flake ice machine is malfunctioning, please feel free to call us, our experts have years of experience in fixing this kind of ice maker.

  • Specialty Ice Machine

A lot of people choose this kind of ice maker because it makes crescent as well as octagonally shaped ice. It displaces more water compared to half cubes, further boosting profits. This type of ice machine maker is available in the dispenser, combo machine as well as under-counter units. Regardless of what type of ice machine you have at home, YEG Appliances professional techs will fix it effectively and professionally.

Speedy, Expert as well as Professional Ice Machine Repair

Keep your ice machine in good condition by scheduling a repair service with YEG Appliances. Our expert repair specialists can keep your machine in good condition all year round. Call us for more information about our ice machine repair. Our staff is always available to answer all your queries.

Why Choose Us to Fix your Ice Machine?

At YEG Appliances, we believe that fixing your ice machine is just the start of the job. While it is a significant one, it’s not the whole thing we wish to do. We at YEG Appliances strive to offer a remarkable repair service to all our beloved clients within the Edmonton area and beyond by taking the extra steps required to secure their premises fully.

If you call us and work with our professional team, you are assured that you’ll be dealing with professional technicians that take pride in the purity and cleanliness of their job. The pride we have is mirrored in how we treat our clients and also how we treat your investment. Like for instance, we bring our own stuff to the job site and put a shoe cover before entering your home.

Other Factors That Makes Us Apart from the Rest

  • You will be dealing with certified and qualified professionals
  • We offer a warranty on labor and parts
  • We provide upfront as well as flat rate pricing
  • Our repair specialists are uniformed and courteous. They are also insured and licensed
  • We will show up on an agreed time

Work with A Professional Ice Machine Repair Company You Can Depend On

Calling professional repair specialists from YEG Appliances is a wise choice Edmonton residence to make. Not just do we charge by the task instead of by an hour. We provide a precise estimate before we start any work. Also, we will never try to diagnose your ice machine issue over the phone. That is because we like our quote to be précised and based on the facts and not on speculations. If you call us,  you can be rest easy knowing that you’ll be dealing with well-trained, polite, friendly as well as very welcoming repair service company who is interested in lending a hand to find a precise solution for your appliance issues and helping avoid any future problems.

We do not just offer professional ice machine repair, and we also provide tips and guides to our clients on how to prolong the life of their ice machine and other appliances as well.

Call the Ice Machine Specialists Now!

A sufficient supply of ice – most especially during the hot summer season – is very important for anyone. Timely, dependable ice machine repair service is vital if this vital piece of equipment experiences problems. YEG Appliances has done top quality ice machine repair for many years now, and our repair specialists know how to deal with any type of ice machine, in spite of brands and manufacturer.

If you want to know more about our ice machine repair service Edmonton, please feel free to call YEG Appliances now at 780-937-8386 for a free quote!

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