Gas / Electric Oven, Stove and Range Repairs

Are you looking for the best gas or electric oven repair service? Is your range or stove malfunctions all the time? Then, it’s best to call appliance repair experts who help you solve the problem. We’re ready to serve you, and provide you with the best repair solutions. Our team is ready 24/7 to offer you a reliable service you can trust.

Here, you gain the satisfaction you deserve. You call us today at 780-937-8386 and we offer you a no hassle service.

Always On Time Arrival

Our team cares of each client’s needs, so we assure you we arrive at home on time. You’re free to contact our support team, so they take care of your needs. Our support team listen to your needs and assures you a fast arrival.

We aim to make you proud, so we’re ready to serve you in the best possible way. YEG Appliances, as a trusted brand, guarantee excellent service would on your way. Talk to us for you to achieve a fast appliance repair service.

Friendly Approach

Our appliance repair experts see to it you’re comfortable talking to them. They’re polite and very friendly in talking to clients. They inspect your gas or electric oven fast and easily.  You don’t have to call other experts because we assure you great service is yours all the time.

Also, you would be amazed our team offers you maintenance tips you need in using your oven or stove longer. We aim to offer lifetime satisfaction to you by reaching out to your needs. Call us and see the great result of our services 780-937-8386

Reliable and Excellent Service 

We’re proud to show you our excellence through the techniques we use. We assure you each appliance technique we have is applicable for your range or oven. We follow a systematic process to make our service successful always.  Come and take a look at the service we have for you to see satisfaction.

Easy Gas or Electric, Oven and Range Repair

We aim to build good relationships with our clients, so we follow easy steps. Our team is capable of following the correct guidelines about the repair process. In doing so, the team assures fast completion of the repair

Here are the easy steps we follow to guarantee success in our repair services:

  • Appliance Inspection

Before we start the service, we do an accurate inspection of the appliance such as stove, oven or range. We determine the issues by checking each part of the appliance. We optimize our repair service by determining the problem at once. But, it’s not only the things we can do during the inspection:

  • We make estimates about the service we do.
  • Our team determines the cost of the entire service.
  • We start the service right away to  meet your demands


  • Accurate and Fast Appliance Repair 

Our team is capable of meeting client’s demands due to the fast service we do. Don’t worry because we use quality tools to make the service successful. We take the opportunity to make your lifestyle easy.

We make it possible through the services we do: fast, quality and efficient. We also give support to our clients about the service they need. We give the comfort they need, so you call our team for more details.

  • Cleanup After the Repair

We don’t leave your home untidy by giving your home an effective cleanup. You can expect no trace about the repair we did. Customers would be grateful after the appliance repair service we have for you

We Determine and Repair Gas or Electric Ove Issues

If you notice malfunctions in your oven, it’s best you call the experts right now! We assure you success in the inspection we do that leads us to a fast repair.

Here are few of the oven issues we determine and fix:

  • The oven is not working properly
  • You notice sparks inside the oven
  • The turntable of the appliance isn’t working or rotating
  • The touchpad is broken
  • The door wouldn’t open

Aside from these, we also do expert replacement of the oven’s parts. Our team has quality spare parts that make your oven running again. We can replace fuses, motors, fan motors and more. We assure you the process would be successful. Feel free to contact our team and see the excellent result we can offer you.

Stove and Range Repairs

Edmonton clients would be happy to have our stove o stove repair service due to its excellence. We inspect your range to determine the problem. We also observe the range and oven functions to see the parts that are damaged.

Here are examples of issues we can repair:

  • The oven or range doesn’t heat or function well
  • The appliances don’t function well and offer a poor performance
  • You can hear the noise when the oven is turned on
  • The range and oven takes too long to turn on

Our appliance repair team is happy and proud to serve you and offer you the satisfaction you need. We exert full effort to give you excellent results at all times. During the repair process, we update you about the condition of the appliance. We spend the time to determine other possible issues that might affect its performance in the future.  You trust our team to complete the service at once.

Affordable Price

Are you having trouble with your budget? Don’t worry about it! We offer you an affordable service that you would love. We assure clients love the service we do so try it. You wouldn’t expect any hidden charges in the services we do! Yes, we aim to win our client’s trust, so there are no hidden rates for clients. You can call us and know more about the services we do.

Talk to the Experts at Edmonton

We’re happy to receive your calls and inquiries. You tell us your needs, and we solve it at once! Are you ready to have the best appliance repair service in town? Call us now 780-937-8386 for more surprises that await you! For sure, you would love the result of the services we offer!

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