Freezer Repair Services

Most people have freezers at home that they use not to waste food and save money. Whether you’re preparing for an occasion or not, you rely on freezers to keep your food fresh.  Foods need to be frozen in 0 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the spread of bacteria. Freezers are important in every home, so you to maintain its good working condition.

But, what if your freezer suddenly breaks down? It would be very inconvenient on your part but don’t worry! You can count on YEG Appliances to help you solve the problem. Our experts do the best service the can to make the service successful. We use the best freezer repair techniques to meet your standards, so you have satisfaction with our services.

That’s not all. We also help you determine the issues you face that are signs you need to avail freeze repair service.

  • The Freezer Doesn’t Turn On

It’s a hassle if the plugs function well, but the freezer doesn’t turn on. When this happens, you need to call us, and we’re happy to repair the appliance for you.

  • The Freezer Overcools 

Overcooling can affect the food’s condition inside the freezer. It produces unwanted frosting that you don’t want to happen to your foods. Don’t worry! We take care of the problem for you by doing an intensive repair on the freezer.

  • The Appliance is Not Cools

If you didn’t leave the freezer’s door open, but it doesn’t cool, then it’ best to call us today! We would be happy to serve ou Edmonton clients and provide you with excellent service.  We do a careful inspection of the appliance and do excellent service right away.

  • The Freezer is Consistent in Its Temperature

Do you notice temperature fluctuations on your freezer? Are you having a hard time because of it? Then, it would be excellent to call us now, and we can do excellent service for you. We’re happy to serve you by giving you the success you deserve.

  • The Door Seals Are Damaged

If you can pull a dollar bill from the freezer door, then it’s nice to have it checked. The damaged door causes energy waste. Our team can repair the freezer door at once, and give you good results.

  • The Freezers Creates Noise During Operation

Do you hear noises when your freezer operates? These are signs of engine and compressor problems. We assure to help you solve this problem. We have advanced techniques that enable you to solve the issues at once.

Freezer Parts Replacement 

Our experts pay attention to the demands of our clients, so we also replace freezer parts if it’s necessary. We offer you quality and original spare parts that apply to all freezer model and brands. Our team is ready to replace damaged parts to maintain the condition of the appliance.

What are the parts that we replace?

  • Compressors
  • Evaporator Fans
  • Overload Protectors
  • Relays
  • Door Switches
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Thermostats
  • Evaporators
  • Motors
  • Fans

We take note of the details of the repair process. Then, we optimize the repair process by following guidelines and systematic processes. We would be glad to show the services to you to achieve good results. Give us a call now at 780-937-8386 and we assure you an excellent service would be yours. We provide you with additional information about the spare parts we use.

Why Do You need to Trust Our Freezer Repair Team?

We consider you like our family, so we assure them a successful service.  We offer the skilled and trained team to help you in repairing your freezer. Don’t worry because our team is capable of finishing the task on time.  We see to it that you would love the result we offer you.

  • Honest and Reliable Service 

Our experts understand your needs so they listen to you, and provide you with the best service. You call them, and you get a fast response. Our team is happy to show you their excellence to you. Each of our team is capable of completing the task on time so call them today.

For our team, your satisfaction is their focus so they full efforts to achieve it.  Come and talk to our team, and you gain the satisfaction you need.

  • Advanced Freezer Techniques

We’re proud to offer you techniques that apply to the repair process we do. Yes, we continue to improve our services, and the techniques we do make us stand out. We’re happy to show you our excellence by repairing different brands and models.

  • Fast Response

We’re available on a 24/7 basis, and our customer support team is ready to answer your calls and inquiries. We listen to customer’s needs, and we take note of the details. Our team assures that satisfaction would be in your hands. Come and call us for you to achieve the success you deserve to have.

  • Freezer Maintenance Tips

Our service doesn’t end after we complete the work. Why? We’re glad to offer you tips that help you use your freezer for a longer time.  If you still want additional tips, we would be happy to give to you! Come now and enjoy the comfort in having the services we offer you!

No Hidden Fees

Quality and excellent service are a few of the great service we offer you. Our team also assures you that there are no hidden charges in the services we offer.  Yes, before the start of the work, we tell you the cost of the labor. We’re open in telling our clients estimates we do. For us, your satisfaction is a great reward we can offer you.

Our Guarantee

Edmonton residents would be happy with the services we offer for these three reasons:

  1. We assure each service we provide is excellent.
  2. Our team exerts full effort in repairing the appliance
  3. We’re insured and certified in giving you the best freezer repairs.

Come and give us a call! You can trust us to an excellent job for you. You try our services, and you wouldn’t regret it! Feel free to call us using our hotline number 780-937-8386. We’re ready to serve you, and give you satisfaction!

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